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Due to Arts, Inc.
Taller En Accion Foundation
Board of Directors

          Esther Barnet               


          Carlos Calzadilla              


          Raoul Barnet               


          Oscar Belloro              


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Our Program

Due to Arts Inc. also known as Taller en Accion Foundation is a nonprofit organization with 501 C (3) status. The organization has been helping kids of all ages including those who are autistic and low income with minimum resource to be educated in the performing arts. We look forward in having your support where we are consistently teaching the arts. Our program teaches theater, acting for television, modeling techniques, dance, and choreography to all kids and adults. Funding will be used to cover the costs of maintaining our classes running throughout the year including special events where the students will have the opportunity to exhibit what they have learned at our institution.

Our Classes

With our theater training, students will first improve their communication skills. Building confidence in the stage will also help with diction and speaking loudly and clearly. Theater teaches students that success comes to those who are highly committed and are willing to work together. The ability to listen to specific and important instruction is an essential skill learned with our program.

Having professors coaching students who are currently working as actors in the field helps students learn how to handle the camera when it comes to doing a scene. Students will learn what it is to do a casting call, improvise and maintain characterization continuously in front of the director. Students will learn set etiquette, and perform in film and on television.  

 Modeling class is perfect for anyone who struggles with self-esteem. In the world of modeling and acting, you’ll need more than just a pretty face and talent. We teach our models to be great on the runway and to have humility and confidence. Body Image is also important by learning correct wardrobe instructions and learning proper etiquette. Interviewing skills are also taught, by learning the importance of proper presentation including firm handshakes and eye contact.

By providing dance classes, students are exposed to express oneself. It provides motivation and dedication to be the best. We provide choreography classes as part of the program where students learn what it feels to be in a music video and performing next to an artist. We provide classes from beginners to performers. Dance is another expression of art, where the students will appeal to their emotions. All students will prepare themselves to perform in front of and audience and possibly create their own music video.

Our Commitment

Our institution has been exposing kids of all ages to our performing arts program with positive results. We have had several cases where we have changed people’s lives to positive movement. We want the opportunity to offer classes to all kids that don’t have the resources needed to participate in these types of programs. By offering families the performing arts program, parents can give their children a chance to experience their own creativity and even have a live performance on stage and at the same time help their kids improve their confidence and overall talents.  

We appreciate in taking the time to help our institution and providing the possibility of having a fun and learning experience in the performing arts.  For any questions please contact me via email  and/or telephone 786-991-9080.

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