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General Information

Purpose of this Festival is to help students discover, develop and deploy their talents.. Through the Festival, students are given the opportunity to have their skills evaluated by qualified industry professionals, and educators who encourage excellence, offer ideas for improvement, and inspire students. Ours is a concept that involves all possible ways to give participants the opportunity to showcase their talents.


Eligibility Requirements: 

Contestants must be active students on your School/Participations will be accepted in both Spanish and English.


Age Requirements: 

Same as school

***Other Festival Rules and Regulation will be provided at time of Registration.


Registration Forms:

Registration forms for next year’s Festival below. A separate form is required for each competition a participant  enters.



•  Contact us

Tickets :

.Contact us


 The categories of presentation are:


 1. Vocal Solo

 2. Vocal Group 

3. Instrumental Solo

4. Instrumental Group 

5. Dance Solo 

6. Dance Group 

7. Variety Solo 

8. Variety Group

9- Cheerleader Group

10- Acting Group


A group is more than one contestant in a performance. There is no limit to the number of members in a group. Variety is if more than one talent is being performed such as singing and playing the guitar, or singing and dancing etc.



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